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Arnold Wilmott Scholarships

California Masonic Foundation
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Arnold Wilmott Scholarships
of Greenleaf Gardens Masonic Lodge No. 670

Arnold Wilmott was born in London England in 1898 and raised in a Masonic orphanage. Educated by Masonic scholarship at Oxford, he received a degree in engineering. He immigrated to this country and was hired by Pacific Gas & Electric Company to layout the underground water tunnels, which connected a series of three reservoirs high in the Sierra Nevada, mountains. The longest tunnel was over 32 miles long. During this period he became a Mason at Powerhouse III as a part of Auberry lodge in Fresno County California. It later merged with Clovis Lodge. In 1934 he took a job with Cal Tech in charge of scientific instrument design. When he died he had 26 patents covering instrument design at Cal Tech and JPL. He was always concerned about the bright students who were forced to go into debt in order to complete their college work. He also appreciated the help Masons had given him. He was a widower with no children. He founded a scholarship fund with the members of Greenleaf Gardens lodge as board members with his estate. He continued to work on scientific designs up to his death. One week prior to his untimely death at 97 in 1996, he was working on a solar cell capable of providing all the electricity at his house and farm. Since 1997 the Arnold Wilmott Scholarship fund has given well over $390,000.00 in scholarships to 51 students graduating from high schools in the Whittier area.

Arnold Wilmott Foundation (AWF) provides educational opportunity for those individuals with demonstrated high academic achievement, financial need, and the greatest potential for using education to improve their lives. The guidelines established by the Scholarship Committee of the Foundation commit us to select for funding those applicants who show the following:

1. Personal commitment to educational goals
2. Readiness for higher education through clear and realistic educational plans
3. Promise of success made evident by a track record of responsibility and persistence

The scholarships are awarded to graduating high school seniors that will be attending an accredited four (4) year institution of higher learning as a full-time undergraduate freshman. Award may be renewable upon the student's reapplication with evidence of satisfactory academic progress and continuing financial need. Masonic relationship or membership is not required. All awards are subject to funds available. This fund does not have sufficient resources to grant awards to all needy and worthy students who may apply.


  • Student must be a graduating high school senior, AND:,
  • currently attending one of the Whittier area high schools: California High School, Whittier High School, La Serna High School, Santa Fe High School, Whittier Christian High School, St. Paul High School, or Pioneer High School.
  • OR
  • a child or grandchild of a member (in good standing) of Greenleaf Gardens Lodge No. 670.
  • Student must be a citizen of the United States of America and a legal resident of California for at least one year.
  • Student must have a minimum of 3.5 cumulative GPA.
  • Student must be accepted by an accredited 4-yr. institution of higher learning as a full-time undergraduate freshman in the Fall 2003.
  • Student must show evidence of financial need.


  1. A personal essay of 1,000 words or less.
  2. Two (2) letters of recommendation (one teacher or administrator, and one adult, who must be other than teachers or school or university staff).
  3. Current official transcript.
  4. Financial statement of family income including a copy of the FAFSA financial aid and Student Aid Report (SAR). A copy of the family Year 2002 Federal IRS Tax Return.
  5. College acceptance letter.
  6. A copy of the College Board Entrance Examination (SAT) score.


  • MARCH 15 for new applicants.
  • APRIL 15 for renewing students.


Arnold Wilmott Scholarship
Greenleaf Gardens Masonic Lodge
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Chairman: Phill E. Mossey
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Whittier, California 90605
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